Sgt William Myers


I Recently found out that my father (SERGEANT WILLIAM MYERS) served at Burtonwood arriving late 1943 (probably) and leaving sometime during 1944 (I think). He eventually became part of the 6951st PWTE (Prisoner of War Temporary Enclosre) in Germany and the 69th Amphibian Tractor Battalion.

I have 2 photos that I believe were taken at Burtonwood. The first looks like a chow line and on the back it says, "CHAINGANG OF 1st BRD". The second is in front of a building and has the following names: Curren, Silletti, Hudman, Frandsen, Perrotta, Knudsen, Myers, Endicott, Dunson.

I do not know specifically what unit my father was in. I believe that he was working in the area of engine overhauling and repair.

Any of these names sound familiar? Can anyone shed any light on this. Thanks.


Sgt Myers shortest figure in centre



Back Row: Curren; Silletti; Hudman; Frandsen

Middle Row: Perrotta; Knudsen; Myers (my father)

Bottom Row: Endicott; Dunson

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