Header House

January 1953 saw the start of construction of a huge new warehouse on Site 8. This was located on the West side of Burtonwood Road and immediately north of the Liverpool Manchester railway line. In fact a siding was taken from the line for rail transport.

On August 16th 1954 the warehouse was opened and became known as Header House. It was the largest covered warehouse in Europe at the time with a length of 5280 feet (one mile!) and a width of 1255 feet with a capacity of 5 million cubic feet. Total building cost $12 million.

When France quit NATO in 1967 the Americans looked to Burtonwood and Header House to store their military supplies, as the US forces were no longer welcome in France. So RAF Burtonwood had a new lease of life when the US Army took control in February 1967.

With the ending of the cold war and with a reduction in the US military budget, Header House became surplus to requirements and the US Army pulled out in the summer of 1993.

Now in May 2004 the long leg has been completely demolished to make way for redevelopment.  Soon the short leg will follow and the whole site will become Chapelford Urban Village.

In 2011 Header House and the warehouses have gone, consumed by an urban sprawl.


RAFlogo.jpg (37054 bytes)

RAF sign once on RH side of Gate 12

ARMYlogo.jpg (37987 bytes)

US Army sign on LH side of Gate 12

aerial5.jpg (138082 bytes)

Aerial view taken by me in 2000

armyambul.jpg (56622 bytes)

US Army photograph jeeps along long led

armybarby.jpg (51920 bytes)

The BBQ along Burma Road

armybaseball.jpg (47853 bytes)

Recreation site off Burma Road

armychin.jpg (64278 bytes)

US Army picture

armychin2.jpg (50497 bytes)

US Army picture

armychin4.jpg (42013 bytes)

US Army picture

armychin5.jpg (42211 bytes)

US Army picture

armyheader.jpg (48919 bytes)

US Army picture

armyhhouse.jpg (60077 bytes)

US Army picture

armyjeep2.jpg (61679 bytes)

US Army picture

armyjeeps.jpg (49698 bytes)

US Army picture

armyjeepss.jpg (59999 bytes)

US Army picture

b1wmav.jpg (38347 bytes)

Arms strongroom Warehouse M

b1wmav2.jpg (47410 bytes)

Entrance to strongroom behind cage

b1wmav3.jpg (48849 bytes)

Oblique view of strongroom

b1wn.jpg (48433 bytes)

Warehouse N used to store POMCUS

b1wn2.jpg (52421 bytes)

Warehouse N

b1wn3.jpg (44081 bytes)

Warehouse N

b1wp.jpg (50398 bytes)

Warehouse P

b1wpotrr.jpg (44270 bytes)

Warehouse P Recreational area and toilets

b1wrul.jpg (41377 bytes)

Warehouse R Upper level used for vehicle storage

b1wsll.jpg (35491 bytes)

Warehouse S Lower Level

b1wsul.jpg (40967 bytes)

Warehouse S upper Level

b1wsul2.jpg (41464 bytes)

Warehouse S Upper Level

b1wtll.jpg (29847 bytes)

Warehouse T Lower Level

b1wtrr.jpg (22285 bytes)

Warehouse T Rest Room

Rear  of the short leg 2000

Short leg 2000

What happened to the slurry?

View north between the long and short legs 2000

Between the long and short legs 2000

Looking north 2000

Looking North West 2000

Looking somewhat untidy 2000

View of short leg from peri track 2000

H1.jpg (85890 bytes)

13th May 1992

h2.jpg (79985 bytes)

View along long leg

h3.jpg (85913 bytes)

13th May 1992

h4.jpg (88412 bytes)

13th May 1992

h5.jpg (79997 bytes)

13th May 1992

h6.jpg (80229 bytes)

13th May 1992

h7.jpg (95626 bytes)

13th May 1992

h8.jpg (66226 bytes)

13th May 1992

h9.jpg (78395 bytes)

13th May 1992

HHplan.jpg (96420 bytes)

Site plan

Door 5

Door 8

Inside the building

The strongroom in Header House

Inside the soundproofed strongroom

Stripped equipment rack.  This room probably housed the US Army HF radio station

Transmission line that once connected to an HF yagi antenna located behind Header House between the long and short legs

Doorway to the Chapel, 2000

Construction of the warehouse in 1954