Mitchell Hall


Site 5 was located just south of Calland's Farm and nestled between Big Wood to the east and Ladies Walk Wood to the south. The camp was laid out around a loop road with access from Site 4 and a track running from BRD site in the west. This entrance was Gate No. 5

Site 5 was named Mitchell Hall after Billy Mitchell who is reported to have been an outspoken exponent of aerial combat and who was lost over the Pacific. It was completed in 1943 and like Site 4 provided accommodation in 174 nissen huts.

In addition to the nissen huts Site 5 also included the American Red Cross, mail rooms, boiler houses, theatre, hobby shop, darkroom, chaplain centre, flight kitchen, mess hall, dining hall, supply buildings and a water tower. All of which is now lying under a housing development.

Between 1946 and 1948 the site was vacated and placed under care and maintenance before being refitted and reoccupied. The site was still considered as sub-standard so in 1955 the Beautification Project commenced where buildings were repaired, repainted and gardens planted.

By the early 1960's, the site was closed as there was no further use for it.


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Site 5 Plan

jack55.jpg (51524 bytes)

Jack Parks 1957. Photo Chuck Reynolds

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Chuck Reynolds and 4 legged friend.  Photo Chuck Reynolds

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Chuck and Max Parker and Chuck. Photo Chuck Reynolds

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Chuck Reynolds - 1957

Aerial photograph Fred Spencer 1954

June 1957