Earhart Hall

Site 4 was named Earhart Hall after the famous pilot Amelia Earhart and provided accommodation for some 1200 men during the war. Located between Bewsey Old Hall and Twigg Wood (National Grid Reference 591 898) it comprised some 146 nissen huts, a Main Store or Post Exchange (PX), a chapel, hobby shop and an ice cream plant!

The site was used extensively after the war in the 50's and early 60's but later abandoned. Now demolished the area has been landscaped providing local residents a pleasant place to take a summer evening stroll. For the youngsters a theme park - Gullivers World, has been built at one end of Site 4.


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Site 4 Plan

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Paul L Johnson 1943/44 Photo PLJ

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L to R: John Meed, Ray Jones, Paul L Johnson, Eldon Wolt. 1943/44. Photo PLJ

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Paul L Johnson 1944.  New Ike Jacket. Photo PLJ

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L to R: Herman Heimke, Ray Jones, unknown, Hugo Caporelli, Paul Johnson. Photo PLJ

Site 4 Chapel

Aerial photograph from Fred Spencer 1954