Wagner Hall

Site 2 was located south of Mary Ann Site and was one of the largest living sites at Burtonwood.  Like Site 1 it was built initially for the RAF but taken over by the USAAC and expanded to include 132 Nissen huts and 10 Gerrard huts by the end of 1943.  

Site 2 also housed the base hospital, dentist, morgue, theatre, mess halls and a chapel.  When the Americans left at the end of the 1950s the site was no longer used and fell into a state of disrepair.  Most buidings where demolished in the 1970s.  

Today the site is bisected by Whittle Avenue.  To the west of this road is the Whittle Hall private housing estate.  It must be nice to know that one's home has been built on the site of a mortuary!  Blast shelters can still be found in the wooded areas surrounding the housing estate.


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Site 2 Plan

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Living Area June 1957

One of many born in the Base Hospital


Was this you?

Reminds me of Warrington General!

Is this you back then?

Names please?