RAF Sealand

The airfield at Sealand dates back to the First World War and was in fact two fields separated by a railway line.  The field south of the line was intended to be an Acceptance Park for American aircraft and the northern field known as Shotwick was home to Sopwith Pups, Camels, Avro 504's and others.

The two fields were named RAF Sealand in 1924 to avoid confusion with another RAF field in Lincolnshire called Scopwick.  The RAF operated a Packing Depot at Sealand where aircraft would be crated before being sent overseas.  In 1935 an Aircraft Storage Unit joined the Packing Depot and the site was expanded.  New buildings were erected including the non-standard three storey barrack blocks to accommodate a large number of men.

During the early part of the Second World War Sealand was used for flying training to try and make up for the shortfall in pilots.  Tiger Moths, Lysanders, Leopard Moths, Dragons and Dominies were a regular sight on the grass runways.

No.30 MU (Maintenance Unit) were required to work on Mosqiuto's, Wellington's and Lancaster's these larger aircraft types demanded a concrete runway.

At the end of the war Sealand remained the home of the Packing Unit, but the amount of work rapidly reduced.  Burtonwood was rapidly expanding after the Americans returned in 1948 and needed more space.  RAF Sealand fitted the bill nicely. 

 RAF Sealand's association with the US Air Force began on February 2nd 1951, when the 30th Air Depot Wing arrived at Burtonwood.  The 30th was under the command of Lt. Col. Howard Kelly.

Col. Carl Feldmann, Deputy Chief of Staff 59th ADW was named as Commanding Officer of the 30th in February 1951 and transferred to Sealand in the March of 1951.

On March 15th 1951, the USAF officially accepted RAF Sealand as the home of the 30th Air Depot Wing.


Both pictures taken from the Burtonwood Beacon March 23rd, 1951

Notice the three storey barrack block in the background

The day after the Air Force took control Americanization began.  First on the list was the modernization of the original RAF/NAAFI mess hall.  This was renovated to include a new mess hall, Post Exchange, Service Club, Personnel Services Office and Special Services Office. $4000 was spent on new furniture.  Six snooker tables were installed and plans made to build a hobby shop and photo lab.

The gallery below was submitted by Jeanette and Don Land.  Most of the pictures were taken at the opening ceremony.

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Eddie Coulter & Don Land


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L - R Ryan(surname), ?, ?, ?

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"Going Home" aboard USNS George W. Goethals.  Queen Mary in background?

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West Kirby Swimming Pool. Airmen of the 7558th Air Police Sqdn. Top L-R Jin (Smitty) Smith, ? Bottom L-R ?, ?, John Lund




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Picture submitted by Brian and Maria.  Does any one know the occasion or any faces?

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Picture submitted by Brian and Maria.  Does anyone recognise the happy couple?  Maria thinks it may be Lt Johnson.  The little girl is Maria.