Joda Ray Lomax


My husband was Joda Ray Lomax and was stationed at Burtonwood in the 1950's.  He served 20 years in the USAF and retired as a T/Sgt.  We then returned to the UK, and he worked another 20 years for a private company. Joe passed away aged 63 from lung cancer and a brain tumour.

I have written lots of poetry and some were published in Anthologies.

I would like to dedicate this to Joe.




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Assembled by Butchie  2009
The Drop In Cafe
Fun With Pages
Bib fronted overalls walking to school
Transport in those days
Was never the rule.
The farm in the hillside of Americas south
Organic grown produce
To melt any mouth.
Joe get the mule, there's fields to be tended
Corn to be picked
It just never ended.
A family of seven, each had their own chores
Sometime for playing
But never make wars
Joe joined the airforce, new path he took
Twenty good years
Yes becoming a cook
He travelled the world, saw many things
Settled in England
Life threw a few stings
A change of career, new path to follow
Then cancer it struck him
So hard this to swallow
Joe fought it all his way
Expecting to win
Admired by so many
With his drawl and his grin.
I held his hand, right to the end
Forty years of a marriage
My heart will not mend
I imagine the welcome, from one and from all
As he walked into heaven Saying, Hi there you all.
2008  Joes Wife





Lord, keep your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth