John Redfern's Stories


Any Old Iron

Buddy Can You Spare a Tank of Gas

Deer Deer What Can the Matter Be

Fancy Seeing You Here Sir

Miss Molly and the Ministry Man

Paddy's Potent Potion

Seems Like Your Birds Have Flown

Surplus to Requirements or Just a Few Dollars More

The Slipstream Club

The Traditional Yard of Ale

Turned Out Lice Again

Banjo's Bike

A Touch of Cold Steel

Anson 6 at the 'Dockyard Hotel'

Dog - Gone

Farmer John's 'Ole Mountain Dew

Halt Who Goes There?

I'll Fight the Guy with the Lisp

Just Our Little Secret

Ladies & Gentlemen

Now You Have It Now You Don't


Sharkey Ward

The Appleton Aces v The Burtonwood Bullets

The Big Black Beast From Burtonwood Base

The Perfect Party Member

The Return of the Seven





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