By Jeanette Land

How well do I remember that day so long ago, sailing down the Mersey to a land I did not know.
Mothers thinking, it's not fair, she was only seventeen last year.
My baby grandson, born two months ago.....oh how I hate to see them go.
For ten long years I longed to roam back to the land that I still called home.
But taking care of four small heirs, a husband, home......so many cares.
Now at last my time is here, something could go wrong I fear, I cannot feel secure until we're safe on England's shore.
By now we've traveled many a mile, through sleepy eye's my children smile. 
The train is coming to a stop......right now I feel I'm going to drop.
The crowds quite large as I strain to see, it's been so long, but they will recognize me.
Yes, there's dear mother, we run and embrace, oh the joy to see her face.
The smiles and all the tears have now erased those lonely years.  Can't help but think of Don, too bad you couldn't come.
No longer you'll hear me fret and moan, my dreams come true........at last I'm home.