A Poem by Ed Floyd

I wrote the following poem and published it in a book of poetry entitled "Solitary Running" back in
1985 or 86.  The book is out of print but a copy might be obtained from the Library of Congress or Vantage Press.  The poem says a lot about warfare, technology, and where the race is headed (if we don't kill ourselves).

Silver Wings 

Perhaps the eagles share our care 

As we soar where the air is rare 

Or riding gales uncertain gusts 

In sure pursuit of weather fair  


Our craft is ready for the test 

Its metal is the very best. 

As warriors clad like knights of old... 

It gleams like clouds sun-brightened crests. 


And we've been taught to be so bold 

At warfare in the high blue cold. 

Beneath our wings destruction reigns 

We fit the warrior's ancient mold. 


But yet - our deadly weapon brings 

A multitude of many things. 

For mankind's questing nature sings 

When viewing Earth from Silver Wings.

Edwin R. Floyd

Major, USAF


Pilot, Poet, Philosopher