Edwin R Floyd


The following photographs and descriptions have been provided by Ed Floyd.  Ed served with the 7559th Transportation group at Burtonwood between June 1955 and August 1958.  The photographs were taken over a period of time and are mainly around Tech Site.

Ed may be contacted at edntex@hotmail.com



Edwin R Floyd on Bridge Street near the Feathers



Me and Margaret.  Margaret was our courier/driver



MSgt Wackley - Passenger Services; MSgt Ward - Sergeant Major; MSgt Sheehan - Passenger Services



Bill McGirk - Administrative Assistant; Trudy Halsey- Admin Assistant to the Group Sergeant Major; Me; Peggy (?); Margaret; MSgt Ward, Group Sergeant Major




(?)  Me; MSgt Ward at the NCO Club


Lt. Col. Littleman; an NCO who is returning to the states; and Col. Howard E. Ferguson, Commander of the 7559th Transportation Group at Burtonwood during 1955-1958.  It was taken at a Dining In which I think was held in the Officer's Club at Burtonwood. 


Front Row 4th from the right is Lt. Burton, OIC Motor Pool.  Far Left 2 from left is Lt. Col. Armentrout, outgoing Trans. Gp. Dep. Comdr.  5th down to right is Col. Ferguson, Commander.  Seven down is  MSgt Ward, Gp. Serg. Major.  11th down is Isidro Garcia.  Insido married an English girl and they later returned to Burtonwood where she was a Chief Purchaser at Header House when the Army had the base.

Others in attendance MSgt Warf, NCOIC of Header House.  A1C Polowitzer, Driver for Col. Ferguson and for Gen. Troup Miller.  Capt Sweeny (a black Captain who was OIC for the Passenger Transportation Division).  T/Sgt Embry - Passenger processing.  Lt. Kral - a Pilot assigned to the Group for additional duty.  SSgt Tibbits - Planning Division and me seated on the far row on the right

Me outside the backdoor of the Transportation Group Hq. at Tech. Site


Isidro Garcia and Bill McGurk outside the Headquarters Officers


Jean, Isidro,  ?, Me, ?, ?.  I just don't remember their names.

Me dressed up to go to Liverpool

Me outside the entrance to the NCO club