4th of July Parade


Bill Wilson


The six photographs depict a 4th of July parade at Burtonwood.  4th of July 1953 I should point out.  The theme of this parade was centered around the signing of our Declaration Of Independance in 1776.  Floats were built by all the sites on the base and I am happy to say that our float...site 4 won first place.  You know, I can't remember what we got for that but at least I know we did win.  I will try to explain what each photo shows as I send them one at a time.

Theme of our float was the "United Nations."  Our outfit was...
Headquarters Squadron
7559th Maintenance Depot

Site 4


All of these parade photos were taken July 4, 1953.  Of course, the parade was on the base.

Sorry to say that I never received any photos of the other floats in the parade.  If I remember correctly there were at least 12 or so.  All floats were built by members of the various squadrons at Burtonwood.




Riding on float.  
Left to right...
Fox   Wall   Wilson    all S/SGTs


Reviewing Stand...
General Oliver & Staff Officer's.
Also, Parade "Beauty Queen."


Here are the unpaid actors...
Left to right...
Wall      Moot      Fox      Wilson
We all lived in the "hut" behind us at Site 4.  Sure would love to know where those guys are at right now.

S/Sgt   Wall