Bob Pugh's Gallery

Bob Pugh served with the 1965th AACS Sq. radio repair shop at RAF Burtonwood from 1957-59.  Bob was then transferred to the 1970th AACS Sq. RAF Brize Norton where he remained until 1960.

Bob reports that his squadron had responsibility for the control tower, GCA and teletype section.

The  NCOIC of the repair shop was TSGT George I. Roberts.

 Bob's wife is former Denise Foster from Orford, Warrington.  They married in 1960 while stationed at RAF Brize Norton. They have three children and 5 grandchildren, with another on the way.

The following pictures are from Bob's collection.

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The picture above was taken on Liverpool Road from my jalopy.....I had a Morris Minor Convertible when I was at Burtonwood. Had to give it away when transferred to Brize Norton. We had a million laughs with that old car. Battery was always low and many a time I had to push it, then jump in, catch it in gear, to get it running.
We changed the brakes on it at the hobby shop. Car wouldn't of the guys pulled us with his car...funniest sight you could see...The front bumper and parking light were pulled right off the car. All we could see was the pull car going away with about 15 feet of rope and the bumper from my car.
Following that episode, I was stopped in town for not having the driving (parking) lights on. After the warning from the policeman, I would hang a military ' L' shaped torch (flashlight) on the front of the car.